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4K TV Repair

4K TV Repair cost

TV won't turn onFrom$80
TV has no pictureFrom$80
Lines on TV screenFrom$90
TV has no soundFrom$70
TV has no Wi-FiFrom$60
TV remote not workingFrom$60
TV has no signalFrom$80
TV screen goes blackFrom$80
TV screen went black but has soundFrom$80
4K TV repair

4K TV is a popular and well-known device nowadays and a lot of people have such TVs at their homes. There are so many popular brands, such as Samsung, LG, Sony, Philips, Panasonic, and many others, that are working properly for customers every day and people even don’t think about buying a new TV. But, sometimes, even the top brand has some problems and 4K TV need to be repaired. Before you start to panic and searching Internet for different advises of how to repair a TV by yourself, it would be better to call a real specialist, that know everything about TV problems and would be able to fix any of them, because sometimes, even 4K TV repair shops are unable to help the customer after their attempts to solve problems without help, or the cost to repair TV is so high, that it is cheaper to buy a new one. Such a qualified and reliable master you can find in the TUSA company. You would get the best service and cost!

What included in the cost of repairing a 4K TV?

Firstly, the brand a model of your device means a lot. Some not so popular brands of TV could have cheaper details and not so hard mechanisms, that is why when some parts of them are broken and need to be replaced or repaired, the price could be lower. But, despite the brand, TUSA company uses only certificated and original details and gives you the 180-day warranty on all replaced parts and labor in addition.

Secondly, the amount of work is also counted in the total cost of the TV repair. Of course, depending on how hard the task is and how much time the repair would take, the total price would also change. Due to statistics from our company, the common time to fix some problems, as usual, 1 – 3 hours. But there also could be some special cases, when work would take more time. But all specialists in our company are high-qualified, have a good and valuable experience and, of course, they are the real masters of the job! We will try to do our best as soon as possible.

TUSA company offers customers as in-home 4K TV repair, as in repair shop. It is up to you. We offer a really quick delivery. But if you are sure, that you are having some big problems, that would hard to fix at your home, it is better to send your TV to our place. But in any case, the specialist from our company can come and check whether it would be possible to repair the TV at your home. Because, depending on the type of breakage, he would need some special equipment. Anyway, we would try to repair your 4K TV really fast, so you could enjoy watching your favorite programs, films or shows as soon as possible.

How much you need to pay to fix some certain problems?

Power supply block problems

Power supply – is the basic thing of any device, that needs voltage. The main features of such breakage are: the screen is not working or the picture is not clear, it is just not turning on and also if it is working, but then the picture is disappearing. It is unable to repair it by yourself because you would need some TV including parts and special equipment.

The cost for repair in TUSA company is from $120, depending on the cost of the parts of TV and the amount of labor.

Damage to the matrix

The main cause of damage in the matrix is the physical effects on this matrix. It is the most expensive part of the TV and the repair cost also. You need to know, that the matrix could not be repaired, there is only one solution for this problem – to replace it. This kind of television repair requires to have a good knowledge and be a real professional in TV repair sphere.

Specialists of the TUSA company are responsible and always ready for any challenges. The average price of repair would be from $120.

Motherboard malfunctions

The main (motherboard) board organizes the workflow, as well as the operation of the power adapter. Here are some signs that would help you to make sure whether the problem is with the motherboard or no: there are some interferences while watching; the TV is responding to the user commands not in the right way and not responding to the remote control or to the connected external devices.

This hard task could also be solved by skilled workers of our reliable company. The average cost for such a problem is from 110$. But also do not forget, that useful parts of the TV are not included in this price.

We are also always ready to help you to solve some not so big problems and repair what you would need in 4K TV, such as:

No WI-FI connection on your device

The cost of repair is around $80.

TV remote control is not working, or working very bad (means that you need to wait sometime after clicking on the certain button). The cost of fixing such malfunction would be from $110.

TUSA company and our qualified specialists with good knowledge and working background would try to help you with any appeared problem of your 4K TV as soon as possible. We care about our clients and want only the best service for them, offering a warranty on part and labor, using only certificated details and following all useful rules, while making repair.

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