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TV won't turn on

Problem reasons

  • Stand-by mode fault
  • Primary power circuit damage
  • Power supply failure

We can fix this problem in your home or in our shop just from $80.

TV won't turn on

Any TV failure is not a problem now!

Today, TV can be found in any home. This is a mean of entertainment and information, without which some do not represent the current leisure. As a rule, there is no possibility to repair the TV yourself, so you have to look for a specialist when the TV does not turn on after power outage or lightning, or by other reasons. Our service center is successfully engaged in the repair of such equipment. Our experts go home to clients at any convenient time.

What causes TV repair, if TV won’t turn on?

Given the diversity of models, today in apartments, you can see both old devices and the latest innovations. Consequently, they may have different types of damage, but the reasons why your TV won't turn on are often identical. These are:

  1. Natural wear. Televisions fail due to the exhaustion of the resource of components. Most often, this problem occurs among cathode ray tube models.
  2. Incorrect operation and handling of the monitor, direct sunlight, high humidity also entail malfunctioning of the device.
  3. Mechanical damage (drops, shocks), voltage drops.
  4. Production defect. Even the devices of famous brands have unforeseen defects.

If the TV has stopped showing channels or does not turn on at all, you should seek professional help. Our service center can provide high-quality home repairs. The master will be able to come to any area and, without any problems, take the necessary measures to restore the device. You do not have to transport the equipment to a stationary workshop and wait a few days to fix the TV.

The main causes of malfunctions are related and that it is recommended to check before contacting a service center carefully:

  • The presence of voltage, serviceability of the socket, serviceability of the plug and cable (the presence of visible damage), serviceability of the remote control.
  • Power supply breakage.
  • Damaged power button.
  • Short circuit protection (fuse).

Despite certain differences in the design of televisions depending on the type, model, and brand, there are a number of typical malfunctions that almost all owners of equipment encounter. As a rule, urgent repair of TVs is required in the following cases:

  • no picture on the screen;
  • violation of color rendition;
  • interference on the screen;
  • inability to tune channels;
  • sound does not work;
  • the device won’t turn on with remote and blinking red light.

It is also worth noting a number of characteristic breakdowns inherent in certain types of devices. So, the need to repair a plasma TV arises in the event of a software failure, burnout of the phosphor layer, or overheating. Liquid crystal devices often need to be repaired by a backlight or cooling system.

No need to try to fix the TV yourself, this can lead to new problems, it is better to contact a specialized service and call the technician. The specialist will be able to accurately determine the cause of the breakdown and eliminate it as soon as possible.

Why is it worth becoming our customer?

The service for servicing household appliances encounters dozens of malfunctions of TVs of various models every day and carries out professional repairs without extra costs for the client. Approximate prices for services are indicated on the site, and you can know exactly what budget you should count on.

There is no point in worrying about the quality of the work performed because we work exclusively with new spare parts from the manufacturer. Moreover, the workshop, in any case, provides customers with a guarantee document, the term of which depends on the level of complexity of the breakdown.

We care about the comfort of customers, therefore, we repair TVs at home - you can call the wizard by leaving a request on the website or by contacting our manager by telephone. Extensive experience allows specialists to cope with the breakdown of devices of any brand.

For work, we use modern diagnostic and repair tools, as well as original components - this approach makes it possible to maximize the service life of the equipment. Prices for TV repair can be checked with the manager, but it is also important to note that the final amount depends on the nature and complexity of the malfunction. Upon completion of work, a specialist will provide advice on the features of further operation of the equipment.

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