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LCD TV Repair

LCD TV Repair cost

TV won't turn onFrom$80
TV has no pictureFrom$80
Lines on TV screenFrom$90
TV has no soundFrom$70
TV has no Wi-FiFrom$60
TV remote not workingFrom$60
TV has no signalFrom$80
TV screen goes blackFrom$80
TV screen went black but has soundFrom$80
LCD TV repair

Sometimes it happens, that your even new one LCD TV is out of service and just not working. First thing, that almost everyone is trying to do – fix TV by themselves, searching the common TV problems on the Internet and the best solutions for them. Of course, you would find some answers or you would think about buying a new LCD TV. But do not rush to make hasty decisions and take actions, firstly you need to make sure what part of the TV is out of order, then how much would cost repair, and only after that it would up to you to decide – to buy a new one or just refer to the TV repair shops, have a professional TV repair from the real specialist and just be sure, that you would get the high level of service and really and well-done job!

So, how much it would cost to repair a TV on average?

It is very important to find the reliable TV repair show or just a professional specialist, that has the good working experience and also would be able to make a job quickly, but at the same time thoroughly, because who wants to wait too long for a TV repair?

The repair cost of the most common TV problems, such as when TV has no picture, the remote control is just not working or your television is not turning on would cost for you from $80 to $120. But, please, note, that different problems have different repair cost, TV repair price is depending entirely on your type of breakage.

Have a look on the list of the most popular problems, that could happen with your TV and also go through the repair price, what’s more, we would advise you the best solution for repairing. Note, that in our TUSA company work only real professionals and specialists, so you could be sure in the high level of service and reliable TV repair.

Unable to turn on the TV

  • Firstly, check whether the power supply is connected to the TV.
  • Secondly, check whether the remote control is working properly.

As usual, problems, connected with turning on of the TV could be solved by replacing the protector of the power supply or just the power supply. The price for such work from the qualified specialists of the TUSA company is from $120.

There is no picture on the TV

  • Firstly, check the receiver cord, because it could just be disconnected.
  • The problem could also be in the power cable, so just check whether it is connected in the proper way.

The most common solution for solving such a problem is replacing the cable because it happens that sometimes cables could have bad quality. Our company is good at replacing TV cables. The average cost for such work is from $120.

TV has no sound at all

  • Sometimes users just forgot to turn off the silent mode, so first, you need to check this simple thing.
  • Check whether the pins and connectors are in the good condition and not broken.

In most cases, the best way to fix a problem with sound just replaces the broken parts of the TV on the new one. Our specialist uses only original details. Repair price is from $110.

No WI-FI on the TV

  • Firstly, try to reload WI-FI router and the TV itself.
  • Another solution for such a problem is to make the reset and restore factory settings.

But the best solution – is TV firmware update. Because every firmware needs to be updated from time to time because it is just becoming outdated. It is better not to do it by yourself if you not sure how to make it exactly because the wrong update could cause a lot of problems. Cost to repair such thing is from $80.

Additional cost for TV parts and labor of the specialists of the company

TUSA company is using only original and certificated spare parts for TV repairing. We care about our customers and we want only the best experience with us for them. Also, the TV specialist at our place have a lot of valuable experience, good knowledge, and great minds, so we would able to help you with different kinds of problems, connected with TV. We are working only according to all standards and taking into account the wishes of the customer. Moreover, TUSA is giving a 180-day TV repair warranty on replaced parts and, of course, labor. The parts and labor cost is depending on the amount of work, complexity and the cost of the parts of TV, that should be replaced or repaired.

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