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VIZIO TV Repair cost

TV won't turn onFrom$80
TV has no pictureFrom$80
Lines on TV screenFrom$90
TV has no soundFrom$70
TV has no Wi-FiFrom$60
TV remote not workingFrom$60
TV has no signalFrom$80
TV screen goes blackFrom$80
TV screen went black but has soundFrom$80
VIZIO TV repair

VIZIO TV repair service center

A TV is one of the main household appliances for most of the people in the United States. According to statistics, an average American citizen spends around four hours watching TV every day. No wonder everybody gets freaked out when a TV suddenly stops working! Do not worry: we are here to help you.

If you are looking for an LCD TV repair service, you have come to the right place. Our company can fix any issue with your device in the shortest period. As soon as you call us, we will send a qualified technician to your house, who will estimate the repair costs on the spot and fix the problem.

There are many TV brands and VIZIO is among the most popular ones. However, the popularity of devices means many people might have issues with them. That is why we offer VIZIO repair service for all the models released after 2008. Below, you can find the common issues of VIZIO TVs that we can fix.

VIZIO TV won’t turn on

If your VIZIO TV will not turn on or keeps turning off, it usually means capacitors are blown on its power board. Fortunately, we have replacement power boards for all the models at our disposal. Give us a call and our repair center will easily fix the device. You will be able to use your TV the next day and get an extended warranty for all parts and labor.

VIZIO TV screen has lines

When you see lines on your screen, bring up the TV menu. If they remain visible through the menu, replacing the panel is the only solution. Use our home service if you want us to fix VIZIO TV on the spot. You can also let us pick up the device and repair it in our repair shop. No matter what option you choose, TUSA’s qualified TV repair personnel will not make you disappointed.

VIZIO TV turns on but has no picture

When your device actually turns on but does not produce a picture, it means either your TV is on the wrong input or its mainboard is faulty. Try to change the input to see whether the picture comes back. If you are sure the input is correct, just call us. We provide VIZIO TV repair services right in your house or in our repair shop. You will be able to enjoy your TV within just one day after contacting us!

VIZIO TV has no sound

Here is what you should do if there is no sound coming from your VIZIO TV:

  • Unplug external audio. Remove soundbars and other audio devices to test the default speakers;
  • Check the cables. Make sure all the cables are connected properly;
  • Reset audio settings. Return them to defaults and see if the problem still persists.

If none of the above fixed the issue, you are going to need our help. We offer LCD and plasma TV repair for all VIZIO TV models.

VIZIO TV HDMI ports do not work

Faulty HDMI ports are yet another popular issue of VIZIO TVs. Usually, you will need to replace the mainboard in order to fix this problem. However, our experts can save you some money and repair the board instead. A highly qualified technician will replace the blown HDMI microchips to make the ports work again. For as low as $120, we can make your VIZIO TV operate properly.

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