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TV has no picture

Problem reasons

  • Backlight malfunction
  • LCD polarizer / reflector damage
  • Image scanner malfunction (T-CON)

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TV has no picture

TV does not show picture

What can we do if our TV doesn’t function properly? It’s not always necessary to replace your device, sometimes it’s possible to repair it, especially if you contact a company that provides TV repair services.

Usually the main problem is a black screen or a jittering/jumping picture. So, let’s try to examine the possible causes of malfunction.

TV picture goes out, what to do first of all?

First of all, try this:

  • Step 1. Unplug your TV and then plug it back (wait for 5-10 minutes).
  • Step 2. Restart your TV unplugging all the cables.
  • Step 3. Carefully check all the inputs and settings. Maybe, one of the connectors has loosened. Make sure that your TV is set to the HDMI input, problems are often caused because of the incorrect setting.

If all the above mentioned measures are of no use, you may need to repair your TV and replace some parts of it.

Backlight (lamp, LED) burnt out


You turn your TV on, see flashes on the screen, then it gets black. Shine a flashlight on the screen. If you see a picture, most likely it’s faulty LED/LED’s. One or several of them do not function. Besides, there may be problems with the LED-driver. There is no voltage, so LEDs don’t function.


Firstly, the backlight must be checked. Sometimes the problem is seen at once – one or several lamps are burnt out, their colour has been changed. If nothing like that is seen, you will have to check all LEDs. Power is applied to every LED strip. The one that isn’t flashing is out of order: it may be a break or a short-circuit contact. Then each LED of this strip is checked. The burn out LED (or LEDs) is desoldered and replaced by a new one.

But sometimes you need backlight LED strips replacement. You must tell us your TV model number. According to it our staff will find out what LEDs must be replaced and where they are located. Besides, you can do everything yourself following the manual but it’s better to get it serviced.

Inverter, power supply (PSU), connector, main board malfunction

60-70 % problems with modern TV-sets are caused by the power supplies (PSU) or inverter power boards (IP boards).


Backlight lamps don’t illuminate, or they stop working in some minutes, the screen flickers, the inverter doesn’t work after you didn’t use your TV for a long time.

Very likely the backlight inverter doesn’t function. To be sure do a flashlight test. Switch off the light and turn the TV on. Then take a flashlight and shine it on the screen at various angles. If you can see at least the signs of the picture, the backlight inverter doesn’t function.


Sometimes after a careful examination of the inverter board it is possible to notice the defective parts. Usually these may be field transistor keys or high-voltage transformers. It’s difficult to replace them on your own, better call a service centre.

Or buy an inverter board and install it.


Power supply (PSU) doesn’t work. In such a case there is no picture on the screen or it disappears in several minutes, the PSU indicator lamp flickers or doesn’t illuminate. If you do a flashlight test and nothing is seen on the screen then you will have to replace PSU. This can happen for the following reasons:

  • a capacitor has popped;
  • supply-line voltage is too weak;
  • step voltage took place one or several times;
  • a transistor burnt down;
  • output voltage is wrong;
  • some main elements are damaged.


Order a new power supply board but make sure that its number coincides with the number in the TV.

Be careful: on some TV-sets a power and an inverter boards can be on one board.


The picture jitters or jumps. Perhaps, something happened to the connector, because there is no signal or it is weak.


Check the connection of the input cables. If they are loose, fix them. If something is out of order, replace the cables.


You see stripes, dark or grey spots on the screen. It’s impossible to regulate the sound, the TV menu doesn’t appear, you cannot change the settings, etc. USB, HDMI and other connectors fail to function. The TV-set is off. Practically all the operating processes depend on the main board, so the problem is in it.

There are 2 main reasons of malfunctioning:

  • secondary converter DC damage;
  • software failure.


You can check the capacitors – maybe, they have popped. Try also to check ribbon connections – the ribbon cable may get loose. If that doesn’t help, call a TV repair centre. It is impossible to troubleshoot the main board without specialists.

Matrix damaged


There are vertical or horizontal stripes on the screen, the picture flashes, it doubles, you can see white or coloured spots on the screen. In this case the matrix is damaged.


If you see stripes it means that some gas in the matrix is left. Sometimes it is possible to retarget the matrix. But more often it must be replaced. Usually it’s rather expensive.

Matrix ribbon cable is damaged


If the matrix flickers (temporarily or constantly) or there are stripes on the screen, the picture is deformed, probably these may be problems with the matrix ribbon cable.


The ribbon cable can be repaired or replaced. In the first case it is soldered.

On the whole, taking into consideration all mentioned above, it must be understood that only a television serviceman can effectively troubleshoot and repair different problems in your TVs. Certified TV repair technicians will diagnose your device and decide what’s necessary: to repair or replace it.

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