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TV has no sound

Problem reasons

  • Signal source connectors damage
  • Mainboard elements damage
  • Mainboard / T-CON short circuit

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The problem TV has no sound can be found on TVs of all brands. We repair all major TV brands and models including: Samsung, LG, Sony, VIZIO, TCL, Element, Insignia, Sharp, Hisense, Philips, Loewe, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Toshiba, RCA, Sanyo and many others.

TV has no sound

Causes of TV sound problems and their possible solutions

Unfortunately, discovering that your television set emits no sound is a rather common problem. Don’t be alarmed, because there are a number of potential causes, and most of them are simple issues that you can easily handle on your own. The various possible reasons for TV sound problems and you can find some quick and easy solutions below.

Volume level

This might seem like a minor cause of TV sound problems, but it is an important aspect to keep a firm eye on before panicking. Many people forget to turn their TV volume up or sometimes even leave it muted. The first and most important thing to do when a TV sound problem occurs is to check the volume level and ensure that it is turned on as well as unmuted.

Check your set-top box

If your TV is connected to a set-top box (also known as a cable box), then you may need to also check the volume of the set-top box to confirm that it isn’t muted or reduced. For set-top boxes connected via Audio/Video (A/V) connection, be sure the cables are properly connected to the right video input on your television.

Unsecured television cables

Unsecured television cables could also lead to the absence of any sound from your TV. Someone might have accidentally pulled off a plug cable from the external speaker device, restricting all sound output from your TV. You can get a new cable if any of the TV set cables are damaged. So when your TV produces no sound, you should check to ensure that the cables are secured and that none of them is cut, removed, disconnected or loose.

Signal source damage

This is another potential cause of TV sound problems. The source of the TV signal should be strong and must be more than 20db. You can always repair this issue by selecting Settings > Support > Self-diagnosis and then Signal Information. Perform a signal check on the TV; that might be the solution to your TV sound issue.

Mainboard elements damage

If any of the mainboard elements encounters a problem, it is likely to affect the TV’s ability to produce sound. The mainboard, which may also be referred to as the motherboard, is more or less like the spine of the TV set. Though it is quite difficult to immediately ascertain that the mainboard has a problem, if it is verified and discovered to be the cause, it is advisable to buy the needed elements, however, this type of repairs usually goes beyond the scope of a regular person’s skills and requires professional help. This would surely help to restore the TV sound.

TV software version

This is another possible reason why a TV may not be producing any sound. The software version or the driver might be out-dated, and this can affect some or all channels. Ensure that your TV software version is up to date and if it’s not, make sure you update it as soon as you can. You can automatically update the TV software if it’s connected to the Internet or manually update it via a USB flash drive.

Perform an analog broadcast

If your television has the analogue broadcast feature, you should consider performing an analogue broadcast tuning to see if there is any noise. If there is any noise at all, and there are sounds coming from the television, you might need to just check other causes like playback content or connected appliances for sound. If you can’t hear any noise, that means you’ll need to move on and check your television for other issues.

Verify the MTS settings of your television

One other thing to pay attention to is the MTS settings of your television set, specifically, whether it is set to MAIN or STEREO. If the volume sounds very low or only one speaker produces sound, that means it’s likely that the television set is not set to STEREO or perhaps incapable of transmitting the signals produced from the STEREO settings. To correct the sound issue, you might need to replace or adjust the source device.

Temporarily unplug all the TV connection cables and reboot the TV set

Sometimes, temporarily unplugging the connected cables might help resolve your TV no sound issue. This temporary reset works to clear the short-term memory of the television, and also helps to resolve some other issues.

Input selection problem

Also, ensure that no wired or wireless headset is connected to the Television Set and that the input selection is correct. For example, if Aux being selected, it may prohibit the TV from producing sounds.

Reset the television to its factory setting

Though all your personal settings will be removed, it is practically guaranteed that the sound will be restored if you reset your television set to its factory setting. You can do this by holding down the menu button for about 10 seconds; follow the on-screen instructions to complete your restore factory settings. This should ideally be the last resort if you’re attempting to solve your TV sound problem.


The aforementioned are just a few simple things to check to troubleshoot, and potential ways to resolve sound issues on your television set. If none of the above suggestions work, please contact us for a free estimate. We are here to help!

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