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Flat-screen TV Repair cost

TV won't turn onFrom$80
TV has no pictureFrom$80
Lines on TV screenFrom$90
TV has no soundFrom$70
TV has no Wi-FiFrom$60
TV remote not workingFrom$60
TV has no signalFrom$80
TV screen goes blackFrom$80
TV screen went black but has soundFrom$80

Please note: we don't replace cracked Flat screen TV screens.

Flat screen TV repair service in New York – best prices in TUSA

Today, almost every family can’t do without a flat-screen TV. These new and cute models are preferred by most people. But, unfortunately, they break down more often than old TVs, as they have more details. Fortunately, fixing common problems of flat-screen TV is in most cases a quick and not always expensive service.

If your TV stops working for no apparent reason, this is not always a serious problem. You can call us for free and get a consultation. But if the damage to the TV is too severe, most likely you will have to replace the TV.

Remember that the screen is the most fragile part of a flat-screen TV. Take care of your TV, because buying a new TV is costly.

How to determine whether to repair the TV?

Before worrying that you have to pay for TV repair, check a few points. Your TV may not be broken, but the reason is something else:

  • Perhaps you have turned off the light or the outlet to which it is connected does not work.
  • The cable from the TV can be disconnected accidentally.
  • Wires are not connected correctly or not connected to the power source at all.

When you checked each of these points, and the TV still didn’t turn on, call our service and tell about your problem.

Do not forget to prepare in advance the number and model of your TV, as well as the year of production.

Together with our operator, you will determine the approximate problem and cost, as well as plan a visit to the master or schedule a time when it will be convenient for you to drive to our workshop.

As for LCD televisions, sometimes it’s more profitable to buy a new TV than to repair an old one, but everything is individual and depends on the breakdown.

Despite the fact that repairing a flat-screen TV is not too difficult, it requires utmost care and is quite painstaking, so you should not try to repair the TV yourself, given the cost of the various parts of such TVs, it would be better to invite a professional.

Common Causes of Flat Screen TV’s breakdown

If the TV breaks down, viewing it becomes impossible for various reasons. The most common options are:

  • microcircuit responsible for the image broke;
  • damaged cable;
  • pixels are out of order;
  • the backlight is broken;
  • mechanical damage inside the TV.

Also, with flat-screen TVs, picture distortion is a common problem.

The TV may not work on another problem, the exact cause of the problem can only be determined by a specialized person.

The wizard will conduct a full diagnosis to determine the exact repair of the TV. Most problems can be resolved by replacing the main board, capacitor, resistor, or board responsible for supplying power to the TV.

Call our company. Specialized craftsmen with many years of experience will be able to repair any TV and eliminate even the most difficult problem.

What TVs are we repairing?

Our experts are trained in repairing TVs of all major brands.

We repair all major brands of TVs, including Sony, Insignia VIZIO, Samsung, LG, Sharp, and all other manufacturers.

We fix all types of flat screen TVs:

Flat screen TV repair cost

Our company provides TV repair at an affordable price. The optimal ratio of price and quality of services is our advantage.

The cost of repair depends on the spare parts used to repair the TV, the time and complexity of the problem.

Also, an important factor in the formation of value is the brand. After all, spare parts, for example, the Samsung brand, are easier to find on the market and they will cost less than spare parts of little-known brands.

Repair All Brands And Models
We repair all major TV brands, including Samsung, LG, Sony, VIZIO, TCL, Element, Insignia, Sharp, Hisense, Philips and many others.
Same Day In-Home Repair
We provide in-home service calls to the following New York areas: Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island.
Next Day In-Shop Repair
Pick-up and delivery for any LCD, Plasma, LED, OLED, Smart TV, 8K, 4K, QLED, Curved, 3D. We usually get to you within one hour from the time that you call.
180-Day Workmanship Warranty
Warranty on all parts and labor. We will fix any problem: TV won't turn on, TV has no picture, Lines on TV screen, TV has no sound, TV has no Wi-Fi and others.
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