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NEC TV repair

NEC TV Repair Cost

TV won't turn onFrom$80
TV has no pictureFrom$80
Lines on TV screenFrom$90
TV has no soundFrom$70
TV has no Wi-FiFrom$60
TV remote not workingFrom$60
TV has no signalFrom$80
TV screen goes blackFrom$80
TV screen went black but has soundFrom$80

NEC TV repair

In modern world, televisions are becoming more exquisite. This innovative product makes our life more comfortable.

NEC is a famous company treats their televisions with love. They constantly monitor the quality and improvement of their product. The Japanese company was founded over 100 years ago. During this period, they have collected a significant amount of knowledge that allows you to purchase one of the best and highest quality products in the world.

No matter how people would like to make a purchase of a TV that never breaks, unfortunately this is not possible. Each item has its own period of use. But you can always extend it by repair. As soon as you observe that the TV began to malfunction, immediately contact support. With this, you can enjoy watching your favorite programs for a long time.

What problems can a NEC TV have?

Situations may occur when the NEC TV does not turn on or blink. There may be several reasons, from improperly connected wires to serious problems

Also, streaks may appear on the TV screen or some pixels may disappear. The reason may be a breakdown of the matrix or a failed microcircuit.

In any case, you do not need to try to solve the problem yourself. An experienced master will save you time, money and nerves.

How can we help you?

Our service will carry out an available diagnosis and determine what caused the breakdown.

Technical service of NEC TV in our shop is carried out using original spare parts.

We will provide you with a warranty for any of our services and spare parts. Within 180 days, if your NEC TV breaks down for the same reason or if the part purchased from us fails, we will replace the product and carry out repair for free.

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