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TV remote control not working

Problem reasons

  • Tuner fault
  • Infrared receiver malfunction
  • Mainboard / T-CON short circuit

We can fix this problem in your home or in our shop just from $60.

Does the TV remote not work? We'll help you deal with the problem

Many users very often experience this problem when the remote control stops working completely or partially. For example, one or more buttons may not function, do not operate from a long distance, which creates a lot of inconvenience, because in order to switch the channel on the TV, it is necessary to carry the console very close to it.

It happens that when you click a specific button, an action is performed that does not match the function of that button at all. An equally common problem where repair of the remote control is guaranteed is the sticking of buttons.

Possible remote control defects

One of the most common defects inadvertently embedded by console manufacturers in their design is poor contact of the plus and minus terminals with the power source. Made of alloy not quite suitable for these instruments, they can easily bend, losing their former elasticity during operation. In this case, the repair of the remote control, namely the failure of the spring of these terminals, can be eliminated by laying a non-rigid rubber between them and the end of the board, by means of which the contacts will be reliably pressed to the power elements.

The second most common defect of PDA can rightly be considered deterioration of contact of printed graphite components of the board with current-conducting rubber, which is pressed to them by means of control buttons. The reasons for this problem may be several, it is fat, which gets between buttons and contacts, low quality of rubber itself, from which after a period of time oil-shaped substance begins to release. By covering the circuit board, it significantly interferes with contacts. With this kind of problem, repair of remote controls is possible, for this purpose it is necessary to contact specialists of the service center.

Another popular fault is considered when the most running buttons stop functioning, or function, but if pressed with force. In this case, the repair of the remote control panels should be carried out by those skilled in the art, as this is because the conductive coating of the rubber base contacts has begun to wear out. In other words, the rubber contacts under the buttons begin to wear physically, losing current conductivity.

In these cases it is necessary to replace rubber with buttons with new ones. Such repair of the remote control will not be expensive, so it makes sense to perform it rather than buy a new expensive control. This repair kit consists of a small size of conductive circles and glue that will need to be glued over old conductive contacts that have worn out. The printed circuit board can also be neatly cleaned of the viscous liquid that has evolved.

Where to go if the remote control does not work?

If you are not sure that you will be able to repair the failed remote control yourself, do not rush to the store for a new one, contact our service center for a start, because it is possible to repair all models of TVs in New York City, which will cost much cheaper.

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