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TV screen is black but has sound

Problem reasons

  • Backlight malfunction
  • Image scanner malfunction (T-CON)
  • Mainboard firmware errors

We can fix this problem in your home or in our shop just from $80.

TV screen is black

Are you having any problems with your TV? Leave your worries! Check on eligibility for warranty and feel free to call TUSA Service Center for our Same-Day In-Home service. 180-day warranty!

We offer in NY and NJ high-quality repair of TVs of any manufacturers and brands: SAMSUNG, LG, NEC, ACER, PHILIPS, BENQ, SONY, TOSHIBA, VIEWSONIC.

Variety of TV types: LCD, Plasma, LED, OLED, Smart TV, 8K, 4K, QLED.

Screen size 32” to 110”.

The range of our services:

  • TV diagnostics (Free estimate on any order)
  • Repair of power supply board damage,
  • Repair of backlight and voltage inverter failure
  • Repair a failure of a control board with a processor
  • Solution of the problem of mechanical damage to the matrix
  • Ingress of water or other liquids and foreign objects into the device

We invite you to arm yourself with basic knowledge about main malfunctions that sometimes arise during the operation of your TV.

The TV screen is black and the device shows no signs of life at all when turned on

Sometimes it turns out that on pressing the power button on your TV you're not getting a picture and a sound. The first thing you are to determine whether it is a TV issue or a power issue. To check if power is supplied to the TV unplug the power cord from the back of the TV or the wall outlet. While it is unplugged, disconnect all external devices from the TV.

Hold pressed a power button on the TV for several seconds. Reconnect the power cord. Then, as you press the power button, look at the LED power indicator light. If it is not lighting up at all unplug the power cord from the TV and from the wall outlet and securely and tightly plug it back in.

Verify if the surge protector or an extension is turned on in case a power cord is connected to these devices. If a TV screen appears black, plug another device into the socket to check whether this device is getting power from the outlet. If power is supplied to the outlet it means that your TV is powering on and a picture issue should be revised. You need to make a call to the TUSA Service Center and our technician will soon revive your TV.

The TV is powered but the TV screen goes black and no sound

There are many possible problems in case your TV is powered but a TV screen goes black and there is no sound. All you can do in this case at home is to reset your TV to the factory defaults. This procedure is described in the User Manual of your TV.

Typically the cause of the malfunction is:

  • a problem in the internal power supply unit, which does not produce all standard operating voltages
  • a faulty driving board
  • a problem in the firmware
  • a problem in the motherboard, namely in the control chips, etc.

The component repair is possible only in the Service Center TUSA, where well-trained technicians are armed with sophisticated electronic diagnostic and repair equipment.

The TV screen goes black but sound still works when the TV is powered on

To double-check this failure press a MENU button installed on the TV to see if TV´s MENU appears on the screen, In case the MENU appears, verify that all video connections are well secured and to appropriate jacks on your TV. If the result is negative, you can trigger the MENU to reset your TV to the factory defaults.

To reset all settings to default values:

  1. Press the “MENU” button on your remote control to open the MENU.
  2. From the SETUP menu, highlight INSTALLATION and press “ENTER”.

A new set of Installation menu icons will appear.

  1. Open the SYSTEM STATUS menu, highlight SYSTEM INFORMATION and press “ENTER”.
  2. Press the LEFT or RIGHT arrow to scroll through the menu bar to select FACTORY DEFAULTS.
  3. Enter your PIN-code (or 0000 if no PIN code has been set).
  4. Highlight YES and press “ENTER”. The TV will turn off automatically after a few seconds. After the TV turns off, unplug the TV power cord and then plug it in again to complete the reset process.
  5. If a MENU does not appear on the screen try resetting the TV by unplugging the power cord for at least 3 minutes.

In case neither of the above steps resolved the problem of the TV, you are welcome to get urgent assistance with this problem by contacting the TUSA Service Center.

TV screen fades off to black

Sometimes when watching TV, annoying situations arise when a TV screen fades off to black. That is to say, the TV screen goes black at random times and appears to be off but the sound is available and the power light is still illuminating. A troubleshooting procedure may differ for a variety of TV brands but generally will work the same to fix the problem and is as the following:

  • Check that POWER SAVER/ENERGY SAVE MODE is set to OFF. Some TVs will turn a screen off but still plays the sound.
  • If SLEEP TIMER mistakenly was turned ON, then turn it OFF. A Sleep timer can sometimes be pressed accidentally on the remote and will turn OFF the TV.
  • Check that STORE MODE / DEMO MODE is not turned ON. Store mode or demo mode is a factory setting to be used for a display or demo.
  • Use a different HDMI port for the device you are using. Unplug the HDMI from one input and plug it to a different input to test if a port is bad. Checking and reconnecting HDMI cable on the back of your TV along with switching the inputs to BLU-RAY and CABLE may lead to the expected positive result.
  • Connect a different device to the TV or the same device to another TV. The device being used (Ex. Blu-Ray/CABLE BOX) may cause the black screen issue.
  • Turn the device (Ex. Blu-Ray/CABLE BOX) you are using OFF and then back ON. The device you are using may have a temporary fault and needs to be reset.
  • A hidden fault within HDMI cable – Replace with new High-Speed HDMI 2.0 cable. Replace the HDMI cable as it may have a short or another defect which causes the black screen issue.
  • Unplug the TV for 5 minutes to attempt a reset. Unplugging the TV will reset the television and clear any temporary issues.
  • Factory reset of the TV to resolve the issue. Go into the MENU and find FACTORY RESET. You will lose any picture settings you may have saved.
  • Download new software/firmware update. The present firmware may have an issue and needs to be updated. MENU – FIRMWARE.
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